Andrew Stanton has made you laugh and cry. The writer behind the three “Toy Story” movies and the writer/director of “WALL-E,” gave this great speech about his vision on the art of storytelling last year.

The following is a short introduction on Andrew and why you should listen to him according to TEDx:

Andrew Stanton wrote the first film produced entirely on a computer, Toy Story. But what made that film a classic wasn’t the history-making graphic technology — it’s the story, the heart, the characters that children around the world instantly accepted into their own lives. Stanton wrote all three Toy Story movies at Pixar Animation Studios, where he was hired in 1990 as the second animator on staff. He has two Oscars, as the writer-director of Finding Nemo and WALL-E. And as Edgar Rice Burroughs nerds, we’re breathlessly awaiting the March opening of his fantasy-adventure movie John Carter.

The reason why I wanted to share this TED talk is because the story of Andrew has a lot of touchpoints with the field we are operating in. His vision on selling a story is mainly focussed on making the audience care. Make them care, that is the basic thing to know. From here on you can be the best marketeer, imagineer or even CEO in the world. But why should you care about making your story worth caring about?

When the buyers of your product, the visitors of your event or even your staff knows you care about them, they care about you and ‘the crap’ your selling. Look at Apple, they where the top notch of the gadget market, why? Apple cared about their costumers. Apple gave them the best technology at that time, combined it with a slick design and a hipster community. They cared about the reason why people should buy their products so much, that it didn’t matter that Steve Jobs was a horrible boss to work for. An other example: Ben & Jerry Ice Cream (B&J). They created their own market in a saturated  ice cream marked, by caring what their fanbase want. B&J asked  their community about the future flavours that they would like to see in stores. B&J fullfilled the demand of their costumers, but they did more. They also became one of the first brands to become social responsible, because they care!

You should almost guess by now why I want to share this talk. It’s because I care about Andrews’ talk and his vision on storytelling. Beside his golden advice, Andrew gave a smashing presentation and more tips and tricks about the art of storytelling. The basic is caring and if you want to know more, just watch the TEDx presentation.

I wonder how the world would be like if everyone should care.

– Joost